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Graduated with honors from Shenkar College of Engineering, Art & Design

with a B.Des in Visual Communication Design. (2017)

What inspires me

I very much enjoy exploring different realms and content when looking for inspiration and tend to gravitate towards the whimsical, curious and phantasmal.

Whether it be ancient Neolithic Sumerian statues, illustrations from alchemy books, horror B-movie posters, Italian radical interior design or the outrageous stage performance and fashion of Parliament Funkadelic- my visual landscape is ever-changing and always exciting. 

Work Procress

In my image making process a lot goes into the stage of sketching- drawing by hand and experimenting with different tools or materials. Some outtakes from this stage might even take part in the formation of the final image, thus hopefully giving it’s visual quality more depth and richness.

I am interested in and support collaborating with creative people from various fields and very keen to gain new skills and knowledge.  

Contact Me:

+972 54 6815588

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